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The MINE team

Robert B W Ely
BEd, MEd(Hons) (Melb)

I am currently a PHD student in the school of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, and have been previously been a teacher in ‘difficult’ schools and juvenile detention centres in Victoria, outback NSW and the UK for over ten years. I have also worked in over 80 schools around Victoria, presenting interactive history incursions. My previous research established a relationship between high intrinsic motivation and high achievement in students with challenging behaviour. I have a passionate interest in allowing all young people to be treated with respect as they learn.

Phone: +61 434 164 112

Dr Mary Ainley
BA(Hons), DipEd, MA, PhD (Melb), MAPS

My interests and experience range across areas of developmental and educational psychology. Central to the questions addressed in my research program are issues to do with understanding the nature and development of curiosity, interest and information processing. Most recently I have been investigating the experience of interest; exploring the psychological processes that are involved when students engage with (and disengage from achievement tasks. This has resulted in the development of software for tracking students’ choices and affective responses as they are tackling specific reading and problem-solving tasks. The goal of this research is to understand how to support positive educational experiences for students of all ages.

A second emphasis within my research program concerns investigation of the ways children handle conflicts with friends. Questions being addressed in this research involve children’s perceptions of what it means to be in conflict with friends and peers and to understand the skills they use and can learn to use, to solve such conflicts.


Dr Jon Pearce
PhD, MSc, DipEd, DipDigCon

My current research interests focus on the uses of highly engaging and interactive environments in a variety of contexts such as: online learning, exploring complex information spaces, eGovernment, etc. This interest grew from a background in university physics teaching in which the way students learn physics, both online and face-to-face, was a prime interest. In recent years my work has taken on a more general focus on engagement, affective computing, interactivity and multimedia.

I have been involved in computers in education since 1979 (Exidy Sorcerer days, for those who remember!) and have subsequently developed a strong interest in how we can use computers effectively to enhance students’ learning of tertiary physics.

Apart from using a variety of strategies in my own teaching, I have been instrumental in initiating and managing numerous projects on multimedia development and teaching via the Web.


Mitchell Harrop Bis(Hon) (Melb)

I’m a research student in the Department of Information Systems, The University of Melbourne. My current research is on the negotiation of rules in online ludic (playful) virtual worlds such as multiplayer games. I also sometimes make games and program playful interactive environments such as MINE. I’m the seminar coordinator for the Interaction Design Group, an interdisciplinary group focused on understanding and improving interactive technology for people.